Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Ok, so it's Tuesday and as usual it was time for my weekly visit to GW for vets night.

Now I generally attend with the intention of winning at least one game (not that I ever do win) and tonight was no exception.

I played a 1k point game against Jake's orks with my Sallies to start and things were going well for me for the first few turns. We were playing annihilate and I sucessfully managed to barbeque my way through one of his boyz squads. Then in a tactical error on my part, I spent one turn too many chasing his warboss and his bodyguard around with my redeemer which led to my eventual defeat of 4-1 to Jake on kill points.

I then played a 1.5k point game against Steve, again using my Sallies against his eldar. I wrote up a list amid the seemingly constant "suggestions" from another dude who was spectating. This kind of thing gets on my nerves sometimes, especially when they suggest taking units I clearly don't own or even have anything that could easily proxy them. Anyhoo, I digress.

We rolled for capture and control and off we went. Things started ok for me but by the 3rd turn it was clear that I was going to get completely screwed.

I play against and ally with Steve regularly, and I know his tactics well but today all the fun seemed to be sucked out of the game for me. He's not a beard or a cheese player by any means, quite the opposite in fact. It's just that there's only so many squads and rhinos you can lose to dark reapers and vibrocannons before you start thinking "WTF?! why am I even bothering?" you know? I'm not blaming Steve at all but it was a little dejecting for me. It's weird though as it's not as if I've not been tabled before.

Anyway, I don't think I've ever been so glad to finish a game as I was tonight. Not to worry though, I'll bounce back and be ready to do it all again next week! :D


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  1. I share you pain bro. He was on fire last night.