Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Pwned :'(

As predicted, I got pwned as usual at vet's night.

I didn't get round to having a rematch with Jake this week, but I did manage to grab a 1500pt game against another mate, Steve.

We had a bit of an eldar showdown, as is generally the norm when we play each other. We rolled for mission type/deployment and drew capture & control and table quarters. I won the roll off and Steve failed to steal the initiative so off we went.

My turn 1 was pretty uneventful in that i managed to kill 5 avengers and that was it. Steve managed to wipe out my pathfinders, who were camping on the objective, with one shot from his reaper exarch (bastard) and then mullered my support platforms with his war walkers. D-cannons no less. D-CANNONS!!! 2 OF THEM!!! :(

So that pretty much scuppered my plans to d-cannon his banshees as they made their way towards me in their transports. Needless to say, things went from bad to worse rather rapidly and my fate was sealed.

On the upside though, I did manage to bitch-slap his autarch with my own and my wraithlord barbequed and butchered his way thorough a squad of banshees. It was still a pretty crushing defeat though.

Ah well, there's always next week to redeem myself.....

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