Friday, 13 November 2009

Business banking and scratch-building

Afternoon everyone, hope all is good.

Quite a productive week this week. Apart from my abyssmal gaming record (calamari beat me again on Thursday. TWICE! :'( ), I've started to really get down to sorting out the business.

I went to see the dreaded bank manager about sorting the business account out and to my complete and utter suprise, it was the least painful experience I've ever had in a bank.

I spoke to a nice lady in Abbey called Faye who basically told me to come and see her next week with ID, a bill and a cheque for 50 quid and she'd sort everything else out for me. Bargain!

I've also been raiding the bitz box this week too and I've started putting together a few bits and pieces for my own armies.

Firstly, I've begun work on a Deathwatch librarian in power armour for my marines. He won't be on his own though, once I've got some spare cash, I'll be getting some tactical or assault marines to convert up into Deathwatch troopers that'll be counts-as sternguard. I'm leaning towards the assault box as they'll allow me to give the deathwatch guys some more dynamic posing.

Secondly, I've started scratchbuilding a long-range autarch for my warhost. Basically I've given him a tempest launcher and the plan is to stick him with a squad of reapers or pathfinders. I'm hoping having him plus the snipers guarding an objective will cause MEQ armies to think twice before venturing too close!

There is a slight problem with these conversions at the moment though. Neither of them have any legs as I'm waiting for my order to arive from bitsandkits.

Anyhoo, enjoy the rest of your Friday.



  1. Well when those Reapers and Autarch are on the table my Marines will cry big style. No more clever disembarking trickses. Thanks for painting that Warboss, he's awesome!