Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The campaign continues....

Ahoy hoy,

played another 4 campaign games last night at vets. Suprisingly I'm still on a lucky streak. I managed to win another 2 games and draw the other 2 so thus far I'm still undefeated :-D

my record so far is W:4/L:0/D:2 and I intend to build on it next week.

That's all for now, catch y'all laters

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Campaign Time


This week at Vets Night, the latest 40k store campaign kicked off. It's called "Pawns of the Laughing God" and it's just a bit of fun.

The whole premise of the campaign has been devised by one of the staffers at the store, Shaun, but as of yesterday, he'd not actually finished the campaign packs so we all started off a bit "blind" so to speak.

I don't really know what the actual aims of the campaign are yet but I will tell you that there are some fun modifiers added to the games which are divvied out as such. Basically, once mission type and deployment have been done and initiatives have been seized (or not), the player who will eventually get first turn rolls 2D6. The result of this roll corresponds to one of the modifiers that Shaun devised such as +1KP for killing your opponent's HQ, or a scout move for your whole army etc.

Anyways, to begin with we all put together 500pt lists. Mine was as follows: -

8 Dire Avengers with Exarch upgrade and Bladestorm
5 Rangers
3 Guardian Jetbikes with a Shuriken Cannon
Vyper with Shuriken Cannon

I thought it might be a bit beardy taking a monstrous creature at 500pts but then I figured that the guard players could fit a sizable amount of armour into 500pts so I didn't feel too beardy :D

I played my first game against Jake and to be honest I wasn't expecting to win as Jake is a very good player. We rolled annihilation/pitched battle and set up. However, things seemed to go my way yesterday. I won the roll off and he failed to seize the initiative so I got to roll on the modifier chart. I rolled an 8 and luckily got to scout move my whole army. This was ace for me as it meant that I could get my jetbikes behind his lines in the first turn. Yay!

Anyway, after a poor round of shooting on my part, Jake moved forward. At this point he decided it would be a good idea to deffrolla my vyper. And it was, bye bye Vyper :(

My next turn and the Avatar got stuck into the battlewagon. He couldn't hit it for toffee with the wailing doom but did the business in combat, immobilising it. Jake them fixed it in his turn with his Mek. I then shivved it again in my next turn and so it went on until I finally popped it completely. Da boyz then piled out and decided to 'av a propa go wiv dere choppas.

Anyhoo, the Avatar beat them down and the Mek too and finally made them run away. All the while the rest of my forces took care of the mopping up in the preceding rounds of shooting (poor grots).

All in all I won 4-1, my only losses being the squished vyper and 2 wounds off the Avatar. Not too shabby :D

The second game I played was against Elliot and his nids. Man was I glad I had the Avatar as he rocked up with a tyrant and a fex! He went first and rolled the same modifier as me, scout move for the army. Bugger.

After an ineffectual round of shooting on the nids part, I had my go. I took out a few gaunts and moved the big fella forward but that was about it.

More dodgy shooting from the nids then it was combat time. The gaunts got up close and personal with the jetbikes. I lost one, no biggy as the squad was within 12 of the Av and so were fearless. My go led to picking off a few more gaunts with the Vyper and taking the Av forward and missing with the wailing doom again. D'oh!

I lost a second jetbike to the gaunts but they were still fearless so again no biggy. Elliot then had a pop at the Av with the his tyrant and fex. Cue a silly amount of TL devourer shots heading my way. I failed 1 save and went down to 3 wounds. He then charged them both at me. I went first and directed everything at the tyrant and bitch slapped it. 1-0 to me. The fex had a go and fluffed his attacks. My 1 remaining jetbike managed to kill 1 lowly gaunt and then make them run away. I caught them though and wiped them out. Gotta love sweeping advances :D

The remainder of the turns were pretty boring, i thinned out the other squad of gaunts with massed shuriken fire from the vyper and avengers while the Av and fex had at each other. Finally the Av won through with 1 wound left and I won 4-0.

I'll admit I was quite smug for the rest of the night but I won't apologise as I don't win very often at all so I think I deserve to be smug for a night :D